Why FSG Learn?

Members of the FSG Learn platform are afforded the opportunity to upskill and develop themselves through the use of our platform. Other benefits of joining our community are :

  • Network with like-minded Change Makers and gain experience and mentorship from global industry experts.

    Fund Social Good is enabling members of our #ChangeMakerMovement and society at large the ability to gain a wide spectrum of knowledge within our digital environment.

  • A platform you can use to assist you with your passion projects.

    Through lessons learnt, users of FSG Learn are empowered to come up with ideas and start developing viable strategies needed to tackle the most pressing issues in their communities.

  • Access learning on the go

    Enhance your learning experience with accessible knowledge that is readily available anywhere you are. FSG Learn is designed to work across various devices to make learning on the go easy to use.

About Fund Social Good

Fund Social Good is a registered Non Profit Company that supports the work of diverse individuals and global teams that are currently working on solutions to some of the world's most complex challenges. ​

  • Passionate and committed, industry experts drive our organization and projects.

  • We put the community and planet at the center of sustainable development.

  • We link funders to proven, impactful investments in social good initiatives.

  • Decades of combined experience in community development.

  • Funder involvement can easily be customized based on your requirements.

Desigan Pillay

Chairman - Business Development

Desigan describes himself as “I'm just an ordinary guy trying to make a positive impact on the world.”

Reabetswe Ngobeza

Executive Director - Branding & Marketing

Rea is a qualified design professional who's love for design is greater than just creating as she is passionate about the education of design, branding and marketing.

Keana Micaela Odayar

Executive Director - Technology Enablement

A wise man once said, "If not us, then who? If not now then when?"

Naledi Sinandile

Executive Director - Community Manager

Naledi is a Junior Full Stack Software Developer, and she is passionate about feminism and social equity across the humxn race.

Reikantse Seremane

Executive Director - Content Management

Reikantse is a qualified design professional who is passionate about creating impactful designs.